Juanita Deharo is a new media artist whose work crosses the boundaries between the real and the virtual. She operates at the interface between traditional art practice and digital technologies, incorporating both the old and the new into her practice.

Her work as a virtual artist is influenced by the background of her alter ego, Australian artist, Judy Barrass.  A lifetime association with making artworks in and about the Australian landscape, a love of books and natural textures and a commitment to environmental issues informs this new work as a virtual artist through Juanita. But the avatar Juanita also has a passion and direction of her own making, and this now also informs the real life practice of her creator. Identities merge.
juAniTa dEhARo

Virtual Galleries
Juanita Deharo Art Gallery in Second Life
Pirats   http://www.pirats-art-network.org
Arte Libera http://www.artelibera.biz/galleria_10.html

Real World Exhibtions
16th International Conference on 3D Web technology, Paris 2011
Bibliothèque Francophone du metavers, Lettres et Mots, France 2011
L’eBookFest, Fosdinovo, Italy 2010
NeoGeography  - Cooroy Library Precinct, Australia 2010
National Artist Book Prize - Artspace Mackay, Australia 2010
Treeline - Noosa Regional Gallery, Australia 2010
Ceveria, Portugal 2008/9
Brooklyn is Watching - Jack the Pelican Presents,USA 2008

A Cultura do Poder ou O Poder da Cultura - XV Bienal de Cerveira
Virtual Treeline - A celebration of Trees in Virtual Space (Blurb 2010)
earth lines- environmental art works in virtual space (Blurb 2010)
Is This the real World or Just a Fantasy  - Artworker Magazine Issue4/2009
Der Eisbär und der Weihnachtsstern(with Giri Duranjaya) ulme-mini-verlag 2010
Textures in a Digital World Textile Fibre Forum No 90, 2008