This installation was a sort of photo album of  impressions of Bali, as if they were just pasted into the album at the end of the trip with the contemplation and realization and the memory yet to come.

To look with an artistís eye at a country that is not your own, to draw and write, to look through the lens of a camera at lives and cultures that are not your own, is a humbling and sometimes frightening experience. One sees things not seen from the comfort of the lounge by the resort pool.

The Bali I know is not the holiday haven serviced by stores selling cheap souvenirs to tourists, but a place where the people and the country struggle daily to accommodate great stresses of change, where tradition dominates, despite the imposition of western influences, where religion and superstition are not only a backstay and a comfort, but also a prison and a system that keeps the populace firmly held in place.

Holiday Snaps
Arte libera 2010