The Treeline project brought  together scientists, artists and the community to celebrate significant trees and raise environmental awareness through art. As a lead artist in the prjoject Juanita developed and curated  the 'Virtual Treeline' project  in the on-line virtual world Second Life. Artists from many countries were involved in Virtual Treeline, and their work was included in a visual presentation at Noosa Regional Gallery in 2010, live stream interaction with audiences in the gallery and a book about the Virtual Treeline project.

The Treeline galleries in Second Life showed a series of exhibitions and became a meeting place and inspiration for those interested in the celebration of trees and shared conservation values.

Juanita's work for Treeline included several large, virtual world installations exploring environmental themes. These were shown in Second Life and documented in visual presentation at Noosa Gallery and in a book 'Earth Lines', and have been featured in the 'symbioticaA' project.

More information about Virtual Treeline can be found here

or at the Virtual Treeline blog

(Artists featured in the slide show: Soror Nishi, Alizarin Goldflake, Jedda Zenovka, Asmita Duranjaya, Em Laarson, Araminta Krotschov and Bocan Undercroft.)