"When the Light That's Lost Within Us "
(pirats 2010)
'When the Light That's Lost Within Us' is a large immersive environment enclosed in a cylinder. Inside one wanders in a post apocalyptic landscape  where only the bare bones of the earth have survived. Something happened here. We know we are somewhere in a future after an event, but there are few clues as to how we arrived at this place of water, rock and organic shapes and textures.
An air of desolation and sadness prevails. We are at the end of something, not a beginning. It is a minimal world of barest survival.
Human forms are here, but they are secondary to the scene, darkened, anonymous, beaten and desperate. We find them hidden in dark places, in cages, underwater, heads bowed, curled up in defence, or hands raised pleading to us for recogniiton or redemption, we are not sure which.........'

                                                                                                                       (excerpt from 'Earthlines - Environmental Artworks in Virtual Space)