'Man the Hunter'
(pirats 2009)
Installation Pirats 2009
'Mankind intervenes in Nature in many ways, most of then destructive. We see a bird and we reach for a gun, we see a fish and we reach for a rod. We see a tree and we reach for an axe. We kill animals for recreation, for the pleasure of killing, and we call it 'hunting'. Is our responsibility for this mentality shared? Is it enough to hold personal beliefs that are at odds with the majority or should we speak out?

My objective in creating this piece was to recreate the dreamlike quality of late twighlight, to capture the quiet and stillness of the lake at dusk. There is little movement, the viewer wanders in a giant, empty, watery landscape surrounded by purple mountains disappearing into the blur of sunset and nightfall.

For many, the stillness of a lake at dusk is an invitation to make a noise; to turn on a motor, to jetski across the quiet water, to yell, to splash, to throw stones.

A small, empty, wooden boat drifts slowly in a ray of light. Beside it, fish trapped in a net swim serenely, unaware they are soon to die. Should I protest?

The absence of humans draws attention to their impact on the landscape.

Overhead majestic, wild birds are tethered to the sky, trapped as surely as the fish. A ladder allows the viewer to reach their level, to have a bird's eye view of the boat, the lake, the fish.

It seems to me we are never content to leave nature alone. We are always trying to reach the level of the birds or to bring them down to ours.'

Excerpts from the book 'Earth Lines - Environmental Works in Virtual Space'